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24 October 2018 @ 03:58 am

SFO banner by art_of_clarity (itz_menos <3)

Hi! this is a SEMI-FRIENDS Livejournal
Please comment to be added (of course if we have something in common at least)
Check my profile!
Thanks in advance (^∇^)

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23 December 2014 @ 02:59 am
Please join to...

inktasia_fan inktasia_fan inktasia_fan inktasia_fan inktasia_fan

Everybody is welcome!!

Let's support INKT!
28 September 2014 @ 02:07 am
Hello everybody!!
oshisashiburi desu ne...

First of all, I'm back to dedicate and celebrate my friend's past birthday. Dearest Aimee (itz_menos-san), HAPPY BIRHTDAY DEAR!! shinelike I said to you, I wish you the best, fulfill all you want in your life and well, huggles and sweet cakes ❤⃛(*´∀`*)♡
so here's the little gift, a bunch of Maru's shops to enjoy!

Nakamaru Jr. Shops
click on pic to full preview

links: M - MF

Johnny's Film Festa 2006 - Nakamaru Jun Matsumoto Ryo Nishikido
click on pic to full preview

links: M - MF

Nakamaru Mix Shops
click on pic to full preview

links: M - MF

Notes: I know the shops are in a  kind of messy orz I couln't organise them. It's hard to find time to check each concerts and performances so, all i know is there're from Real Face, Looking Concert, II You, Kaizokuban, etc etc lol don't remember :/
Hope you enjoy them!
note2: Because we can't share Jin's things is some communities, you can check the rest of the shops here
note3: I still have some Maru things so share... look forward to it! lol

¡!{Feel free to take and use for anything and everywhere. Do not credit as your! and Do not hotlink! }

enjoy the rest of the weeken :)

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Hello everyone!
it's time to share some scans :) and I'd like to greet kissmegreen in her special day. Happy birthday dearshine! I hope you had a wonderful day <3
This post is dedicated to you and also, happy belaaaaated b-day to mendibuba, deshisoraba and izumi_ixa. I hope you had a beautiful celebration too :) (if I missed some b-day I'm sorry >< )

Downloads and previews~
Best StageCollapse )
Look at Star! OvationCollapse )
Qlap!Collapse )

???Collapse )

{Feel free to take and use for anything and everywhere. Credits would be nice :) and... Do not hotlink! }


corachuu chu
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Hanako 0214preview


Tanaka Koki part (60mb) pass: TK0214HN
Sato Takeru part (48mb) pass: ST0214HN
Ohno Satoshi part(27mb) pass: OS0214HN
All (124mb) pass: HN0214
Credits: mamushi_takki

{Feel free to take and use for anything and everywhere. Credits would be nice :) and... Do not hotlink! }

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It's been a while since I posted something interesting here lol...
I came here to say... Happy birtday Taguchi Junnosuke! you're great  I don't have so much words... just.. you are gorgeous. 

and as a gift (?) I'm sharing Saita scans. I haven't seen them around so, here you have~


as you can see, it comes with a "bonus" of Fuku-chan advertisement lol. Hope you don't mind ^^;

Size: 78,6 mb
Credits: mamushi_takki

NOT hotlink! use for anything and anywhere but do not credit as yours. And the most important... Enjoy :)

And the additional gift... Collapse )

I almost forget... Happy birthday to my mom too :) -yes, the same date lol-

Corachhu chu
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28 October 2012 @ 01:58 am
Here I have some scans to share~
I didn't see the HQ around so, enjoy ^^!


size: 33mb
Pass: ANAN1813TJ
credits: mamushi_takki

Enjoy! and Do not claim as yours but use freely. Do NOT hotlink 

Am I the only one who ENJOYED watching the recent Dame na yoru chapter?! (」゜ロ゜)」
and I'm talking about the Junno's topic. C'mon guys! he wasn't raped and he's OLD enough to have the guts to say NO!
Everything is part of a stupid show, and I bet they are well paid for that (¬、¬) so there's nothing to complain about (ー△ー;)

I know, a lot of people wont agree with me but anyway, you're free to think whatever you want. It's just my point of view of a situation...
punch me if you want. I love Junno anyway lol


corachuu <3

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10 October 2012 @ 03:52 am
Hello everyone!

I'm back with new stuff to share shine But before, I have to greet someone special. This post is dedicated to
 jarithka ! Happy belated Birthday dear! My best wishes for you. You're a wonderful person. I know you can do everything you want and wish. Love u! Hearts and... my kind of present lol

-I split the file to make it comfortable to download lol-

Ueda-Maruyama part- size: 99,2mb pass: TG2012UM
Arashi part size: 170mb pass: TG2012A
All - size: 245mb pass: TG272012
credits: mamushi-takki@livejournal

Use whatever you want but DO NOT hotlink and do not credit as yours! Enjoy :)

corachuu chu
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23 September 2012 @ 09:54 pm

I'm sharing again, this time with old kat-tun stuff. It's 24th in another countries so Happy birthday dear
 itz_menos ♥ My best wishes for you! This post is dedicated to you ^^

size: 42,5mb
pass: PT0305

credits: mamushi_takki

Use everywhere but do not claim as yours and DO NOT hotlink. 

corachuu <3